Dear soon-to-be legendary guitarist,

Let me ask you...

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you're in the right place my friend because I'm going to show you how to make guitar scale practice three times more effective and fun!

I'm about to share 6 powerful keys that you can use to immediately improve your mastery of guitar scales.

The most exciting news is that I've forged these 6 keys into a new software program that will absolutely turbocharge your progress so you can seize control of an entire scale, everyone on the neck, like a true master.

It's called the Guitar Scale System and it's about to turn your computer screen into an intense, exciting guitar training system (that's actually fun and easy to use).

Think of it as your virtual "guitar scale coach". It's designed to help you demolish any limitations you have around knowing your guitar scales. This lets you soar towards your potential as a lead guitarist.

Listen... If you want be a lead guitarist, you got to learn your scales. I would advise any aspiring guitarist:

I'm not inventing any silly theories here.

Great teachers and virtuosos like Joe Satriani have always emphasized the importance of learning complete scales, everywhere on the neck.

As simple as that sounds, most of us are guilty of
Guitar Scale Mistake #1: Too many scales and keys without ever deeply mastering a single scale. This is a huge mistake that most guitarists seem to make, even if they've been playing for decades!

So ask yourself: Do you really know your scales, cold, inside and out, backwards and forwards, upside down and in your sleep?

At least 99% of guitarists need work on this. But the good news is that you don't need to learn a hundred scales. Pick one or two of your favorite ones and go deep on them.

That way, you are learning entire fretboard patterns.

The Guitar Scale System is the exact tool you need to master entire fretboard patterns completely, in record time.

Here's another practice tip:

There's nothing like having a nice backing track to practice with. Not only is this a lot more enjoyable, but it helps your development as a musician 10 times more than playing alone.

This brings us to: Guitar Scale Mistake #2: Not making real music out of the scales.

Only practicing a scale in a real musical setting is going to help you learn how to use a scale in a real musical setting!

Just going up and down the scales will make you a very BORING lead guitarist!

That's why you need backing tracks, so you can play interesting melodies... Fortunately, Guitar Scale System includes hundreds of them in every key with many additional bonus tracks. (You can also turn the backing tracks off if you want to just focus on learning a pattern.)

Another pitfall for players is: Guitar Scale Mistake #3: Mindlessly repeating scale patterns.

A lot of guitar scale practice is very inefficient because we tend to play the same things over and over.

To use scales correctly, we have to use them musically but also keep stretching ourselves to master the entire fretboard.

With that in mind, let's dive into the 6 keys to scale mastery:

Scale Mastery Key #1
Memorize Your Scale Patterns

Guitar Scale System
Practice Mode #1

Obviously, if you want to be a scale maestro, you're gonna have to learn a few patterns :)

For pentatonics, there's 5 basic positions. For diatonic scales, there's 14 because positions can overlap.

The guitar scale system will not only "show you" the right patterns, but you'll get to "jam along" with it.

In the "playing in various positions" practice mode as shown in the pic above, you'll be able playing to a backing track, while the computer switches the positions every 30 seconds with an optional voice prompt ("SWITCH").

Yep, your 'virtual coach' will help you gain the critical ability to switch quickly and easily between positions on the neck.

Scale Mastery Key #2
Learn to Jump to Anywhere on the Neck

Guitar Scale System
Practice Mode #2

Knowing your patterns cold and being able to solo within each one of them and switch at a moment's notice... THAT'S ONLY THE FIRST STEP!

Next we need to be able to see or think of any area of the neck, and also instantly know what pattern it is!

The "playing in various areas" practice mode will let us master this very ability.

Scale Mastery Key #3
Learn to Switch Direction In the Blink of an Eye

Guitar Scale System
Practice Mode #3

Knowing the patterns and the neck is a great foundation. Next you need to further hone your skills so you can improvise in a scale and move your hand in any direction without losing your way on the neck at all.

Guess what, we have a practice mode for you just for that.

The "Switching Direction" practice mode will have you moving in a new direction every 15 seconds with a visual prompt and optional voice prompt.

Scale Mastery Key #4
Know the Building Block Shapes And How They
Interlock Together

This is another way you can go beyond just learning "patterns". Every pattern can be broken down into smaller patterns.

I call these the "building block shapes".

You can learn these raw shapes and understand how the interlock together to form the total picture of the scale on the whole neck.

Guitar Scale System
Practice Mode #4

This will further enhance and solidify your absolute mastery of the neck because you wont have any uncertainties about the shape.

They'll be no part of your mind trying to learn and explore the relationship between the shapes because you'll have already learned it already. So you'll be free to be more "at one" with your guitar.

In the "find the shape" practice mode, you're still jamming over a backing track in your favorite tempo and key, but this time you'll have to find each specific shape with the entire fretboard pattern. I can almost guarantee you've never practiced this way before. But we're not done yet. Next is:

Scale Mastery Key #5
Learn Your Scales On Single Strings, As Double
Stops, And Beyond...

In the "specific strings" practice mode, you'll alternate between practicing scales on certain individual strings, playing scales in double stops, or even playing on 2 non-adjacent strings (like the A and B strings).

Guitar Scale System
Practice Mode #5

This will stretch your ability to see and play the scale everywhere on the neck. By the time you learn this scale in such detail, you'll be tearing up the guitar, believe me.

Scale Mastery Key #6
See the Entire Fretboard As One Monster Pattern

If you can see the entire fretboard as one big pattern, that is the ultimate in visualization mastery.

The Guitar Scale System makes it easy to view, learn, and memorize an entire scale pattern. It will generate any scale you want and show you the complete neck diagram while you're jamming to a backing track of any key.

Guitar Scale System
Practice Mode #6

So you're free to experiment with different scales and you'll get a great "feedback learning loop" by playing along with the fretboard diagram.

The bottom line is, you take any key, like C major, E pentatonic, and drill it on these 6 practice modes for 15 minutes every day for 30 days, you're going to be well on your way to dominating the neck.

  • Instant Scale Diagrams
  • Practice in any Key
  • Built-in Jam Tracks
  • 6 Unique Practice Modes
  • Optional Voice Prompts
  • Customizable Fretboard
  • Easy to Operate
  • All Essential Scales
  • Basic Patterns
  • Advanced Patterns
  • Bonus Jam Tracks
  • Works on any computer

If you can commit 15 minutes a day, I guarantee you'll

"Rule the Neck Faster."
Increase Your Mastery of Guitar Scales
And Have a Blast Doing It!

Here's a Quick 1 Minute Video that Explains
How the Nervous System Controls your Guitar Playing

This advanced guitar teaching system trains your mind and body on multiple levels, by integrating the 4 modalities of learning:

  • Multiple Visual Patterns
  • Cutting-edge Kinesthetics
  • On-the-spot Analytical Training & Drilling
  • Cool sounding Audio jam tracks and more!

1. Mental Training

The first phase is the mental training. This is where we make learning scales fun! And when you're having fun, things feel easy, right? The fact is almost guitarist can improve his mastery of the fretboard by knowing the scales on a deeper level.


I asked myself, "how can I make it easier and faster to really get these scales under my fingers?" Then I thought back to high school when I used to make flash cards to cram for a test. You simply put everything on flash cards, and cycle through them until you have it memorized.

I used this concept to build the guitar scale system.

Essentially, the mental phase of the guitar scale system is a web-based tool that drills and grills you in various practice modes.

First, you choose what scale you want to practice, and in what key. Then you can choose what kind of jam track you want to play over. There's 20 different backing tracks, each in 12 keys, for a total of 240 possible jam tracks (and more coming soon).

Then, you choose the practice mode.

PRACTICE MODE #1: Entire neck

This practice mode just has you playing all over the neck as one big pattern. This gives you a bird's eye view of the entire neck and creates new connections every time you practice it.

PRACTICE MODE #2: Specific patterns

Here's where the flash card idea comes in -every 30 seconds you'll be playing in a different pattern, and you can choose between traditional scale patterns and more advanced 3-note-per-string and even 4-note-per-string patterns.

You don't even have to think about what to practice next. Every 30 seconds, you'll be shown a different pattern, so you'll be forced to learn tons of different patterns in a very short period of time.

PRACTICE MODE #3: Specific areas of the neck

You'll be challenged to have your fingers fall into the scale anywhere on the neck. You'll have to switch areas every 15 seconds.

PRACTICE MODE #4: Switching direction

In this practice mode, you'll solo anywhere you want on the neck, and have to move either up or down the fretboard, or to a higher or lower string, every 15 seconds... It's another challenging and powerful exercise.

PRACTICE MODE #5: Specific strings

You'll have to solo just on either 1 or 2 strings, switching every 30 seconds. This will be challenging since the 2 strings might not next to each other!

PRACTICE MODE #6: Find the shape

This mode will take your mastery to the next level by having you play just certain scale shapes, and switching every 15 seconds.

By using these 6 practice modes, your guitar scale knowledge will dramatically improve. You'll hard-wire entire fretboard scale patterns into your mind automatically. Honestly, I've never seen anything like this system and I plan to use it personally to take my scale mystery to the next level.

And because there are cool jam tracks, you'll be doing more than just memorizing scales. You'll actually be using them in a musical context, while at the same time hitting them from every angle. Not only that, the jam tracks will make the entire process fun and enjoyable.

2. Physical Training

The physical phase uses some of the most cutting-edge training research available today. It uses million-dollar research that the Russians were using back in the '76 and '80 Olympics to dominate the world championships (They won 147 gold medals).

That's why we call it: The Russian Nervous System Training. This is a totally new way to practice guitar. Easily triples the speed of your improvements compared to conventional guitar practicing.

Best of all: it actually downloads these new skills DEEP into your nervous system. And then, whenever you're playing on stage or in front of friends "you'll be able to INSTANTLY access the techniques you've learned effortlessly.

Physical Training Component #1: The Nervous System Protocol. This guide is incredibly simple yet amazingly cutting edge. It took Virtuwul years to distill the essence of the world-class training he received into an powerful fail-proof formula for guitarists. Don't be deceived by how simple the 11 step formula is... Just put it to the test and you'll experience the results first-hand.

Physical Training Component #2: The Nervous system Drills. We've included 25 awesome drills to get you started. Each drill integrates a different skill or technique inside your nervous system. I suggest that you do 1 or 2 of these a day with the protocol. Next thing you know, you'll have an ultra-deep bag of tricks that will blow away anyone who listens to you.

Plus we're going to be uploading new drills all the time to practice.

Physical Training Component #3: The Automated Nervous System Training Technology. This is a part of the online system. Until now, there was nothing designed to fully automate this simple yet powerful method. Now, you just have to "push the button" and follow the protocol. It's that easy.

By drilling your nervous system in the tradition of the Russian athletes, you'll be creating new, clean neural pathways for the skills, chops, and licks you want to learn. Then, you'll forge a deep neural-groove.

Finally, you'll hit the "90% excitation level" that forces your nervous system to download new skills deep into your body. This is the key to absolute mastery. This is the "Joe-Satriani-Steve-Vai" zone. The difference is, they did it by practicing 12 hours a day. With the new Guitar Scale System you'll be able to get to that level in a third of the time they did (or less).

Another great aspect is: it only takes 15 minutes a day! If you use the Russian nervous system training for 15 minutes a day, you'll make HUGE improvements in a matter of weeks.

Sounds wild? Absolutely! However, it's based on decades of million dollar sports research. My friend and fellow guitar teacher, Virtuwul, experienced it first-hand when he got trained using this technology in self-defense.

We are the first to bridge the gap between advanced athletics training and guitar playing. We think that the majority of guitar players in the future will be using this method to improve their skills.

Cool Bonus #1 Circle of 5ths Jam Tracks

We've also added some "circle of fifths" progressions (in 5 different tempos) that will have you soloing in all 12 keys. This kind of "all keys" progression is a favorite that Joe Satriani likes to give to his students. When you combine this with the various practice modes (such as specific strings), it can be quite challenging, and it will bring your scale mastery to dizzying heights.

Cool Bonus #2 Nervous System Secrets of Professional Athletes

As an extra bonus, Virtuwul has revealed some great simple secrets that will get your body and nervous system in tip-top shape. What's great is, you'll feel like a million bucks when you do it!

Remember, you DON'T need to learn dozens of scales to become a guitar scale wizard. It's much easier and better to know a few crucial scales REALLY, REALLY WELL.

And the guitar scale system is designed to get you there as fast as possible... and its fun too.

Here's my challenge to you: Use the guitar scale system for just 15 minutes a day for 30 days. Pick just one scale, but use all the practice modes. After 30 days, you will own that scale and you'll be dominating the neck with it!

If you don't absolutely agree that you're getting great results from this software, just ask us for a no-hassle refund and you'll get it.

Try the system. Give it an honest shot for 30 days. If you're consistent, (which I think won't be that hard because the jam tracks and practice modes will make it fun and entertaining), THEN WATCH OUT FOR A SERIOUS TRANSFORMATION...

You will experience some shocking improvements in your fretboard powers.

By the way...

This Software Runs on Any Computer
Right From Your Internet Browser!
No Special Equipment Required.

Yes, all you need is your computer and our easy instructions and you're good to go. If you're reading this letter, then your computer can run the Guitar Scale System.

So let's wrap this up!

This is it... the Guitar Scale System is what you've been secretly looking for - the tool that will save you from the slow painful treadmill of traditional practice methods. So, why not jump on board and give it a try? You've got nothing to lose and tons of chops to gain.

Keep on improving,

Claude Johnson

P.S. If you're wondering what kind of results people have experienced with our products, here's a tiny sample of the letters I've received...

"Thank you so much for these! Wonderful! You are a genius! Thanks Again! "

- Jodie Hernandez

"Hello Mr. Claude Johnson, I received your 2-disk DVD course a few days ago. I found that there is a LOT of good, practical, information there. I thought I would let you know that until now, despite a 20 years as a rock drummer (and being around good guitarists), 1 year of recent private guitar lessons, and a large guitar library, I have had a lot of trouble figuring out how to play fluently around the fretboard. These patterns just seemed unrelated and unconnected to me. However, various learning concepts you presented helped make that mental connection for me. The rest of my guitar library did not do that. As of yesterday, I am playing all over the fret board. Many thanks. "

- John E. Baker, Ph.D., P.E , Las Vegas, NV

"Thanks Claude. I am appreciating the video, it is beginning to 'gel', the secret for me is to combine it with the book you provide, and some practice. Cheers, have a good Easter. "

- Aidan Bent, UK

"I want to thank you for developing a good course and I feel that you are a very kind and considerate person. I will keep you up to date on my learning development."

- Michael J. Malley

"Recieved your course today... well impressed, & i'm only 45 minutes in . Let you know of my progess once ive really sat down & studied it to the maximum. I'm really Excited im in the hands off some off the best guitarists in the world & it will save me a hell of a lot off information searching which at times i'm sure you'll agree what you're looking for isnt always in the book at hand even if like me you have an array Over 60 to 70 books on the subject. This is the edge i've been looking for you've set my guitar on a better coarse & given me direction cheers."

- Simon X. United Kingdom

"I can't thank you enough, u play a mean guitar. Thanks for the inspiration."

- James Cantrell

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"Hi Claude! Thanks alot for the videos - this is really helping me learn guitar well! I had my first gig with my band a few days ago. It went really well, thanks to all the stuff you've been teaching me. Thanks again,"

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Thank you for showing me the easy way around the fretboard...

Cheers "

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- Dave Cocoran

"I ordered your Ultimate Beginner course for my daughter. I have been playing off and on for 10 years. I was surprised how much I picked from you course as well, especially the sections on theory. Thanks! I really enjoyed it. "

- Charlie Smith, Ohio USA

"Your course page read just the way I wanted to see. I ordered a course thru Elmore or someone like that and it was just a bunch of info and I didn't know where to begin. I was so frustrated. I started looking at all the emails you had sent me and I was impressed. I just wanted something more structured. Also, on your page where the customer wrote you came across as a likeable guy is very true. That was one thing I also felt by reading your emails. I appreciate everything and I look forward to going through your course."

- Lloyd Brooks, UK
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